Re: Letter ‘Apolónia Lagoa’

Dear Editor,

You published a letter I sent with regard to the recently opened Apolónia supermarket in Lagoa congratulating them on service, product choice and quality, in comparison with others in the area.

My article was ‘attacked’ last week by H.Trace, Ontario, Canada(no gender given) accusing me of being lazy – and what that has to do with me congratulating Apolónia on a great job well done I shall never know.

H.Trace has visited Apolónia, however has never seen the very smartly dressed car park attendant, so perhaps a visit to Specsavers is in order. Never seen police at the cashouts at another supermarket; again a Specsavers visit.

H.Trace agrees that prices on some items may be a little higher than the competition, but by taking such an aggressive attitude perhaps is embarrassed at not having the little extra funds to pay for quality and service, or may he or she work for one of the other supermarkets?

Finally, this person calls anyone who shops at Apolónia a ‘grunt’ whatever that means.

By email