Re: Horse scandal hits Lagoa again

Dear Editor,

My husband and I have recently returned from our holiday in Lagos. We take this trip every year and enjoy reading your newspaper.

We were both very shocked to see and read about this cruel person once again neglecting his animals.

As animal lovers and supporters of our animal charities at home in the Northeast of England, we understand the frustration you face by the lack of laws for poor animals who have no way of speaking for themselves.

Over the years we have seen a small change in Lagos with dogs roaming around looking for food and a drink, and really you don’t know what is best to do for them because if you feed them, what happens when the tourists leave?

My husband and I always leave a donation when we leave, because we just want to help the people who try their very best to help support these animals.

May I wish you and all the very special dedicated people fighting to help the horses the best of luck. And a big “thank you” to you all for caring.

Elaine and Tom Williams
By email