Re: Graffiti

Dear Editor,
My wife and I have just enjoyed a holiday in the Algarve, staying for a month in Faro. Although the weather could have been better, the people were very friendly and welcoming.
However, we could not understand why the authorities had allowed the area to be spoiled by inane paintwork over trains, shops and even the city walls. We also visited Loulé, Tavira, Quarteira and Vila Real, which did not appear to have the same problem.
It surely was not a lack of policemen in Faro as there were always plenty around.
I hope the culprits are found and made to clean up the mess they have left, as it really harms the look of your fine city.
Malcolm Mackenzie
By email
Editor’s note: Dear Malcolm, thank you for your comments. Coincidentally, we published an article in last week’s edition highlighting the negative impact of graffiti in the beautiful city of Tavira. You can find the article at