Re: Golden Visa (article by Dr Eduardo Serra Jorge, Algarve Resident, October 8 edition)

Dear Editor,

I am a real estate professional here in the Algarve and, therefore, respectfully request that my name and company details are withheld. My reason for writing is to express my concerns regarding the article written for your newspaper and website by the lawyer Dr Eduardo Serra Jorge regarding the rights to Portuguese residency for UK nationals after the Brexit transition period. The lawyer’s suggestion that Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme could be an option to consider for Brits goes totally against what most real estate professionals are telling UK clients. I would like to request clarification on this matter.

Our company actively markets the Golden Visa (working closely with legal partners), but it is not something we would ever consider proposing to a UK national.
It has been widely reported that Portugal intends to make it as easy as possible for British citizens to take up residency here after Brexit. But even if Brits were to be treated the same as Americans (for example), why would they need to go down the Golden Visa route?

There are many non-European nationals from the USA, South Africa and elsewhere who live here as residents just as many Brits did before Portugal was a member of the EU.

Any Brit who has the means to support him or herself and can prove this to SEF will be able to take up residency, whatever the outcome of the final Brexit agreement.

Perhaps Dr Serra Jorge would be kind enough to correct me if I am wrong.

Name and address withheld

We have asked Dr Eduardo Serra Jorge to reply: “Dear reader, First of all, we would like to thank you in advance for your attention and comments, to which we respond bellow. It is always very rewarding to know that our articles are of interest to our readers.

Concerning the contents of your letter, we would like to point out that we absolutely and fully agree with the reasoning and ideas presented, which, in our opinion, are in no contradiction with our article.

As the reader certainly understands, we are limited not only to the length of the article but also to the subject. The objective of the article concerned was not to approach the forms of obtaining residence, as there are several, but merely to explain to UK citizens the right of residence situation as a whole under the Brexit scenario. The Golden Visa was indicated just as an example and, therefore, under a purely illustrative title, of the possibilities of obtaining a residence permit.”