RE: Gay adoption approved in Parliament

Dear editor,

How wonderful that gay adoption has finally been approved in Parliament in Portugal.

I have never understood why some people insist that a child needs a mother and father to be happy and grow up “normally”. There are countless examples of children who have been raised by single parents or even same-sex couples in other countries and grew up to become exemplary citizens. As long as the child feels love and harmony at home then it’s unlikely that parents (same-sex or otherwise) go wrong in their upbringing.

If anything, children adopted by same-sex couples will be more accepting and tolerant.

Of course, gay couples must also be subject to the same scrutiny as everyone else.

Hopefully, this draft law will move forward and Portugal can finally fall in line with other countries that have already approved gay adoption, such as the US and the UK.

Catherine Stuart
England (regular Algarve visitor)