RE: Football scandal: 15 arrested for rigging matches in Portugal’s second division

Dear Editor,

There’s little room for doubt – something fishy is definitely going on.

The suspicious goals that were scored in the Oriental-Oliveirense match in January are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in the sport.

Every once in a while you see an own goal that’s so ridiculous, you shout out ‘What was he thinking!?’

But I had never seen a footballer kick the ball towards his own goal as blatantly as one of Oliveirense’s players did against Oriental, and then throw himself on the floor, allowing his adversaries to score.

This wasn’t the only fishy goal. Oliveirense’s goalkeeper conceded at least three goals that he could have easily avoided.

It’s a real shame, especially as Portugal’s second division has been trying hard to promote itself and has even obtained a sponsorship from China.

Hopefully, this latest police investigation will bring an end to match-fixing and restore some truth and order to a sport that so many people are passionate about, not only in Portugal but all over the world.