Re-Food Faro moves into new larger premises

Faro’s Re-Food association and Faro Council have put pen to paper, making the association’s move into new larger premises official.

A protocol making the new headquarters available to the association was signed on Monday (March 22) by Faro Mayor Rogério Bacalhau and Re-Food Faro Coordinator Paula Matias.

The new HQ is located on Rua de Santo António do Alto and was purchased last December in a bid to give the association better conditions to continue providing food support to around 300 people in Faro, including around 100 children.

Re-Food Faro works to ensure that meals and food products which are in perfect condition do not go to waste and are instead delivered to those in need.

As the council explains, the association’s previous premises had become too small for its needs, making it impossible to store the amount of food that was needed to meet the population’s demand.

Re-Food reached out to the council, which agreed to find a new space for the association.

The building has been made available to the association for at least five years, while the previous HQ will continue being used by the association to provide support to some local families.

“In light of the crisis caused by the effects of the pandemic, we must urgently guarantee support to the entities that provide social support,” the council said.

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