RE: Faro patient “sent home from hospital” to become paralysed from neck down

Becci Rich: This is what caused my husband’s eventual need for a wheelchair. He fell off the roof of our house in Paderne about nine years ago. He landed on his feet. He’s a big 19-stone guy. He shattered his ankle and broke his left leg in four places. They kept him in hospital for two weeks, fed him food he can’t eat, and put him in plaster for five months. The only problem was they set his leg wrong and when they took the cast off, they cut his leg and said “go to England if you want physio”. A few years later, he was in excruciating agony with his neck. Turns out Faro only checked the visibly broken leg. They totally missed a broken neck. He has one vertebra that had disintegrated and the other disks had fused to it at an angle. Faro refused to take responsibility. My husband at 50 is now in a wheelchair unable to walk, and is having problems with his arms – he can’t raise them. All because they couldn’t be bothered to do an X-ray like they should have done after a high fall like his.