Re: Businessman “loses millions” trying to invest in Portugal

Dear Editor,
Rather than take sides as to who actually owns the land mentioned in your cover story last week, I would like to point out how authorities can let such a matter make it to court.

The guidelines for land ownership should be very strict and not allow any room for these kinds of wrangles to perpetuate.

Who officially owns the land? Who has the papers to prove so? If both sides can prove that they hold ownership of the land, then it is clear that someone in these public administration entities messed up pretty badly.

I’m just glad I’m on neither side of the battle. Honestly, I can’t imagine a solution – or at least a viable one – that will leave everyone not feeling cheated. And at the end of the day, it is these kinds of stories that foreign residents and tourists end up reading in the paper – that a foreign businessman wanted to invest in Portugal but lost millions trying to do so.

J. Peters