RE: Brave ‘have-a-go’ hero fells fleeing rapist

Dear Editor,

This story (in last week’s edition) has definitely showed the best and worst sides of humanity.

It’s definitely shocking that the culprit appears to have been a refugee. However, I’ve seen many comments on your Facebook page about this story that have worried me.

It is at these times that it is important for us to realise that hatred and fear won’t ever trump love and acceptance. I understand that worries about the refugee crisis will only intensify in the Algarve following this incident.

But we must remember that one person does not represent an entire culture or community.

Most importantly, I want to congratulate Cody Searle for his bravery and heroism.

I cannot imagine myself in the same situation , and I don’t know if I would have had the courage he had to go after the man, not knowing what to expect.

If Albufeira ever decides to hand out medals to locals, then Cody is definitely worthy of one! I’m sure I speak for many of your readers when I say we are lucky to have brave men like you standing up for us!

Jamie Stephenson,