RE: Beachgoers continue to ignore cliff collapse warnings

Dear Editor,

It’s a shame that even though your newspaper and other media sources have warned beachgoers to stay away from risky cliffs, many continue to ignore the warning signs.

It’s very lucky that no one was near that cliff in Albufeira when it collapsed.

I see it every day. People lay their towels right underneath the cliffs, even though most have a very visible “danger” sign on them.

I realise that temperatures at the beach can become nearly unbearable, and that the sun is unrelenting at times, but that’s what sun umbrellas and cold water are there for!

I have on occasions seen youngsters kicking a football against the cliffs, almost asking for a disaster to happen!

It will never be a mere “danger” sign that will stop people from setting up camp near cliffs. I expect the situation will just continue … I can’t see an easy solution to this problem. It is a case of Nature vs Man.