Re: article ‘Obama honours ex-Algarve fugitive’

Dear Editor,

I was very surprised by the general tone of the article composed by Len Port in your latest edition of your paper.

I had met the Grammer couple during their stay in the Algarve at one of our “Sour Grapes” luncheons and Sue made a quick approach to entail me in their internet scheme. She backed off when she realized my knowledge at the time in this field would expose the short-comings of her project. However, I do know of some other people who were not so lucky and had invested money.

Dishonesty should hardly be rewarded even if later they have apparently and questionably turned over a new leaf. President Obama and his wife should rightly be acknowledged for their interest in USA prisons and their inmates – but I suspect it is a minefield as the offenders are normally locked away for a good reason!

Michael Tannock, by email