Re: “Algarve has three of Portugal’s best towns for business” (last week’s edition)

Dear Editor,

Just because Alcoutim doesn’t have the equivalent of “The Strip” in Albufeira (and who wants to live near that anyway), it doesn’t mean to say the quality of life in Alcoutim is not as good, if not better, than other areas.

We have a brilliant road down to Vila Real de Santo António. We live in splendid rurality with wonderful views, half-an-hour from excellent shopping, one of the best beaches in the Med (Monte Gordo), Spain and different shopping, and a lot more variety. Who on earth came up with this rubbish? Just because we don’t want to live amongst five million expats, all vying for superiority amongst each other…

We have expats in this area and good friends too, so long live Alcoutim and its lifestyle!

Christine Dawson, by email