Re: Alcalar parrot hostage

Received via a third party from Nigel Jackson, currently awaiting trial suspected of his partner’s murder in Silves prison – Editor

Dear Editor,
I have read with dismay the efforts that have been made to resolve the issue of the ownership of the “Parrot of Alcalar”.

The facts are thus, Ms Davidson has never owned a parrot. Her son has no rights to claim ownership and the parrot should have stayed with the Fischers.

The parrot was purchased by me approximately 10 years ago from Adubopor in Portimão for €1,350, also the cage for the sum of €300. The import and ownership papers are in my name and the shop will have records to prove these facts.
The parrot is an Australian Galah and hand raised.

Your efforts in this case failed to even ask who owns the bird.

Nigel Jackson
EPR Silves