Re: Albufeira demolition shock (Algarve Resident, August 6, 2015 edition)

Dear Editor,

The story of innocent people suffering from corruption/wrong-doing is worrying to all. While the court is acting logical, there are huge questions including: why were residents not told? Why were they not kept informed by the government and courts?

Governments in a democracy surely have a duty to citizens and to protect them. So there are huge questions to be addressed by those who should know better, not penalise the innocent.

But there are two things which need doing urgently, even though it’s holidays.

The first is an inspection of the apartments by building control. If their survey shows the buildings to meet law in construction then retrograde planning consent should be given. Demolition achieves nothing in this case.

Secondly, those responsible, developer and others, need to face the music, be punished rather than rewarded for illegalities. Fining councillors who had no involvement then does no good at all.

D Taylor-Smith
By email