Re: 89,000 support jailed GNR ‘child killer’

Dear editor,
I’ve been in the Algarve for just a few days so I do not know all the facts. But as I read the article on the jailed GNR officer, Sr. Hugo Ernano, I got really upset. So a thug takes his son along while committing felonies.

I would say the father should be stripped from his parental authority (posthumously), and jailed for endangering a child’s life, on top of prison time for the other crimes. If Sr. Hugo Ernano was entitled to shoot at a getaway car under these circumstances, under policing guidelines, and he wasn’t aware of the child in the car, he is not to be blamed at all.

So the father should pay the €20,000 to the mother or other surviving family members.

On top of that, Sr. Hugo Ernano should receive from the father €10,000 for the trauma he suffered for killing a child when in the line of duty.

D. Verveer
The Netherlands