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RBL welcomes British Ambassador

The Royal British Legion celebrated Trafalgar Day during their October monthly lunch at the Holiday Inn Algarve in Armação de Pêra and welcomed the British Ambassador Jill Gallard and British Consul Clive Jewell for a brief introduction to members and guests.

The Ambassador congratulated the Royal British Legion on the work they do for the serving and ex-service community and wished everyone success for the future.

After the departure of the Ambassador and the Consul, Eddy de Bie acted as the Ships Boson and piped the members of the crew and other ships company to lunch. 

In the mess hall, the Boson piped the members aboard and the Immortal Memory was read by the 2nd Mate Lloyd Delderfield.

Captain Barry Wills, Master of the good ship (RBL Algarve) gave the order to ‘Up Spirit’ at which a shot of rum was duly hove over the yardarm.

Lunch was then served on the Mess-Deck interspersed between courses with signals, readings and eye-witness accounts of the proceedings of the Momentous Battle then being fought, all read by selected members of the crew present. 

While coffee was being served, the Ships Master gave the toast by Royal Decree, The Queen, and to round off the proceedings a Trafalgar speech was given by our very own Commodore of the RBL Fleet, Desmond Briggs, followed by The Immortal Memory Toast to the immortal memory of Lord Nelson and those who fell with him, on completion of which the Pipe the Still was blown by the Boson.

The next lunch will take place on Wednesday, November 23. Those wishing to attend should contact Eddy de Bie on 282 381 184 or email [email protected] or Lloyd Delderfield on 282 358 126 or email [email protected].

Linda Hyde