RBL needs the support of Portugal’s expats

Dear Editor,
The letter is addressed to all expats living in Portugal.

I congratulate you all for the kindness and generosity you show in supporting various charities that look after the welfare of children and animals; not forgetting those charities that help the sick, infirm and mentally ill.

But there is one charity that is close to my heart and I am sure that when you think about it is also close to yours. We enjoy freedoms many other countries can only dream about and we owe much of this to the brave soldiers, sailors and airmen who have served and are still serving to keep us and Great Britain free.

But many of the veterans, widows, children and most of all those who are now handicapped through the loss of limbs rely to a considerable degree on the help of the Royal British Legion.

It saddens me to think that in the whole of Portugal from the thousands of expats who enjoy living here there are fewer than 350 who are members of the Royal British Legion, an organisation striving to help those who have given so much to help us.

The events, lunches and dinners that we organise to generate funds for this worthy and vital cause would welcome your support.

To become a member of the RBL (Portugal) it is not necessary to have served in the armed forces. Everybody is welcome.

A year’s membership costs less than the price of a meal out. The restaurant owner who may not get the benefit of that one visit may not be happy, but the service individual who will be assisted to get a new artificial limb, or expert professional help to recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, will be very pleased indeed.

If you would like to help us in our work by becoming a member (and expand your social circle) please contact: Captain Tony Peters, (RN), Tel: 910 983 518 or email: [email protected]

James Howe
Royal British Legion member