Rare collection arrives at  Lisbon museum.jpg

Rare collection arrives at  Lisbon museum

THE LUSO-American Foundation and national daily Portuguese newspaper Público have donated a rare and priceless collection of 18th century ink engravings depicting the Great Lisbon Earthquake to Lisbon City Museum.

The engravings were officially signed over to Lisbon Câmara on January 10, at the câmara offices in Praça Municipio.

Mayor of Lisbon, Carmona Rodrigues, Director of the Luso-American Foundation, Valente de Oliveira and the Director of Público, José Manuel Fernandes attended the ceremony

The collection is made up of 28 engraving moulds dating from the middle of the 18th century, that tell the story of the Great Lisbon Earthquake, which struck the city on November 1, 1755, illustrating its consequences on Portugal, Spain and Morocco.

The Lisbon City Museum has been chosen as the place to hold the moulds, which according to the Director of Público, “will serve to enrich the city’s patrimonial heritage and act to show the citizens of Lisbon views of the great disaster as seen at the time, which are so rare and precious.”

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