Rapists and child abusers in Portugal: one arrested every 48 hours

With last year’s crime figures made public by Portugal’s PJ police, it is now clear that sex abuse continues to be a serious problem nationally – with over 190 rapists and child abusers arrested last year.

Broken down into simple terms, this means one sexual predator arrested every 48 hours. Elsewhere, data shows the PJ arrested 203 murderers, 211 armed robbers, 105 arsonists and 31 people for fiscal fraud and corruption.

This last figure is three times more than the number arrested in 2014, and involves all the defendants under suspicion in the country’s Operation Marquês and Labyrinth (golden visa) investigations.

Outlining the balance of last year’s PJ operations as the force commemorates its 70th anniversary, Correio da Manhã adds that 62 people were arrested in 2014 for non-fiscal fraud, 16 for people-trafficking, 51 for arms-trafficking and 90 for kidnapping.

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