Rallying call to Algarvians to show President force against oil exploration

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is due to visit Loulé tomorrow afternoon, and anti-oil campaigners see it as a perfect opportunity for locals to show the strength of feeling in the Algarve against plans for oil and gas drilling, both on land and at sea.

PALP, standing for the platform for an Algarve free from gas and oil, has issued a statement today saying: “This is an excellent opportunity to show the profound dissatisfaction for the way in which this process has been handled and to show the President of the Republic that he should use all means to stop this scourge.

“This process was initiated without the knowledge of the population and continues to be non-transparent, without the evaluation of economic, social or environmental impacts, and without publication of reports on serious risks that take place during research and prospection (something that is obligatory, according to EU Directive 2013/30”.

PALP is due to meet with the president and set out campaigners’ concerns at 5pm at Loulé’s Cine Teatro.

Thus the appeal is for supporters to be on hand, outside.

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