Raising the spirits!

By JANE PAGE [email protected]

What does it take to bring someone back from the dead? Well, in the case of Jacob Marley, ex-partner of Ebenezer Scrooge and seven years dead, a bottle of champagne is a good start.

The Cratchit girls, daughters of Scrooge’s long-suffering clerk Bob Cratchit (and played by real life

sisters Tatiana and Olena Strepko), bring home bottles of champagne to cheer the family feast.  Best not to enquire where or how they got them.

This completely new, and definitely off-beat, version of the old Dickens favourite A Christmas Carol is Aperitivo Theatre Group’s offering for the festive season. 

Called Bah Humbug!, it can be seen at the Museum in São Brás on December 10 and 11, at the Holiday Inn in Armação de Pêra on December 15 (dinner theatre) and at the Teatro AL-MaSRAH in Tavira (opposite the Cine-Teatro in the centre of town) on December 17.

Aperitivo Theatre Group specialises in performances that give everybody in our multinational society a chance to enjoy some jokes in their own language.

Although the plays are always basically English, this is no barrier to Aperitivo’s adaptable actors – some of whom speak no English at all!

For more information, please contact Aperitivo at email [email protected] Museum São Brás at email [email protected] or mobile 966 329 073 or the Holiday Inn at email [email protected] or telephone 282320 260.