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Raising awareness about cliff danger

An awareness campaign to alert beach goers to the continuing dangers of cliff falls has begun on the beaches of Albufeira.

The campaign will run until August 27 and has been organised by the Civil Protection agency of Albufeira, in association with the Scouts of Albufeira, to alert visitors to the beaches about the dangers of cliffs falling and the risk involved in sun bathing under cliffs.

A spokesman for Albufeira Câmara said: “It is well known that the beaches of Albufeira are surrounded by beautiful cliffs. However, the natural erosion of these cliffs can lead to rock slides or rocks falling onto the beach.

“Nature is unpredictable but by following the warnings and respecting advice, everyone can enjoy our beaches safely.”

Every Saturday morning throughout July and August, between 9.30am and 12.30pm, advice on the dangers of the cliffs will be available at a different beach in the Albufeira municipality.

For further information, please call 289 599 500