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Rainbow’s End

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Rainbow’s End – A Memoir of Childhood, War and an African Farm

This is a candid and exquisitely evocative memoir through a child’s viewpoint of a Zimbabwean farm during the twilight years of colonialism and the transition to independence. Rainbow’s End Farm was a heavenly garden soaked in blood, or a fool’s paradise, depending on how you looked at it. This searingly honest memoir describes growing up on an African farm during the ‘Rhodesian Bush War’ in the 1970s. It also explores the shock yet euphoria of Zimbabwean independence in the 1980s as St. John navigates her way through the immense personal and political changes. The abundance and beauty of Africa and its people as well as childhood innocence are superbly contrasted with the insidiousness of racism, war and nationalist propaganda to create an unforgettable read.

This would normally only be available in hardcover in the UK – this is an ‘Airport edition’ paperback.

By Lauren St. John, in paperback at 18.50 euros.