Rain, wind and a dip in temperatures – Portugal’s dismal weather continues

Anyone lucky enough to see the sun today should lap it up… it’s definitely not here to stay.

After a parts of the Algarve woke up to a hail storm, meteorologists have confirmed that rain, strong winds and a drop in temperatures are all expected over the weekend, with northern areas already suffering from snow and all the accompanying road traffic misery.

Saturday will be perhaps the worst day for rain. IPMA’s Ângela Lourenço predicts hours and hours of it “practically all over the country”.

Sunday will be slightly better – not so much rain, though wind will stay strong – and then Monday will see a return to the wet weather, although it will be “weaker, and patchy”.

Temperatures will lurch from minimums “slightly below averages for this time of year” to maximums “slightly above”. Interior areas may see temperatures dip as low as 0ºC.

Any good news? After Monday improvements are expected until mid-week, when IPMA predicts a “new deterioration”, though we are not told to what degree.