Rain brings tourism

AS RAIN continues to pound southern England, the number of people booking holidays out of the country to destinations including Faro has risen.

The heavy rain, which has caused widespread flooding and evacuations, has stretched resources and emergency workers and it is predicted to continue. This has caused many people to leave the bad weather in search of a sunny holiday.

Thomsonfly’s Overseas Marketing Manager Jo Orgil told The Resident: “Sales to Faro have increased over the last week – the bad weather in the UK has no doubt had a part to play in this.”

Commercial Director of Thomsonfly Guy Stephenson also believes the weather has been a factor but said that the increase of bookings is due to more airports in the UK offering Thomsonfly flights to Faro, including London, Manchester, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Coventry and Doncaster.

Popular destination

Stevenson said Thomsonfly was “offering 28 scheduled frequencies per week to between Faro and UK airports, making it one of Thomsonfly’s most popular summer destinations. Together with our inclusive holiday customers, Thomsonfly will carry approximately 250,000 each way passengers on the route”.

This is a similar situation to GB Airways’ growing success with more choice and frequency of flights given to customers (see The Resident’s edition of July 27).

Other travel agents in the UK, including Resolution Travel, have not noticed an increase in bookings in the past week. Some have claimed that this is due to many people refusing to abandon their homes as flood waters destroy their possessions.

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