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Raging wildfires hamper rescue from Parque de Gerês

A young man who called for help from Gerês national park last night had to ‘wait his turn’ for evacuation as planes were busy fighting wildfires that continue to rage in various parts of the north
of the country.

TVI24 reports that the 23-year-old was finally airlifted to safety at 6.30 this morning after 39 firemen and rescue personnel became involved in his recovery.

The youngster called for help around lunchtime on Sunday. He complained about “strong incapacitating stomach pains”, but as his call came through, firemen were being dispatched to blazes in Montalegre and Boticas, and there were no forms of air support available.

As it was, rescue teams reached the man by 9pm and spent the night with him in one of the abandoned houses in the park.

The man was transported early this morning to Braga hospital and is not thought to be in any serious danger.

Meantime, hundreds of firemen are still fighting wildfires that continue to break out, most notably in northern areas.

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