Radiage – a new anti-ageing treatment for the 40 plus

Radiage is a safe, non invasive, non surgical procedure that helps rejuvenate one’s appearance almost immediately by giving skin a more tightened and toned appearance.

The treatment is ideal for those over 40 who start noticing, for example, crow’s feet and frown lines but feel too young to go for surgical procedures. The mechanism consists of thermo-induced stimulation of collagen synthesis through RF 4 Mhz.

Radiage can be combined with other skin rejuvenating treatments like tissue filler or botox.

The results last from 12-16 months and can be repeated afterwards. There is no tissue damage, bleeding or bruising associated with the therapy, just a slight redness that usually fades completely in one hour. It is a relatively pain-free procedure and no anaesthesia is needed.

Radiage proved results in several clinical studies and is now available exclusively in Portugal by Dr. Grund at the Algarve Medical Center, which is located at Rua Cidade de Goa 11 in Portimão. He can be contacted on telephone 282 419 655.