Racy new novel from Ronnie Price

news: Racy new novel from Ronnie Price

The second novel by Ronnie Price, who is better known as the Director of the Portuguese Chamber in London, was published early in July at the time of the British Grand Prix.

On Slicks is a sexy thriller set against the colourful background of Formula 1 motor racing. The central character is Dan Piercy, team director for Sweetpipe Racing, which sponsors a Formula 1 team to promote its revolutionary nicotine free cigarettes. Most of the action is set in America, where they run foul of the Mafia and drug barons. His choice of the first black driver as a team member is also controversial.

Ronnie’s first novel, Chicane, begins on a TAP flight to Lisbon. Later, the action moves to London, Monaco and Dublin. Apart from the racing and glitzy occasions involving beautiful women, there is mayhem and skulduggery related to an attempt by a powerful Oriental syndicate to take over Formula 1. Ronnie says he has tried to write the novels with a light touch, bringing in a little humour and a few racy scenes. F1 Racing magazine says: “Ronnie Price combines your favourite motor sport in this novel with tantalising story lines and a sexy undercurrent.”

• Both titles are available from the Griffin Bookshop in Almancil.