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Race track access roads

Dear Editor,

Having spent two fantastic days at the Portimão Autodromo watching the World Superbikes this last weekend, on leaving the race track around 5pm on Sunday, the GNR decided to divert the entire contents of the main car park located in front of the grandstand to the west of the track down a road which was only fit for horses and carts towards the village of Arão.

Approaching the village the stream of traffic stopped and we all queued for almost one hour to travel less than 3kms to rejoin a very busy EN125 just before the town of Odiaxere.

As there is a new three lane road from the track directly to the A22 motorway, I cannot understand why the traffic was sent in this ridiculous direction and why there was no sign of the GNR to help the traffic to rejoin the main road at a very busy and dangerous junction. 

If the Autódromo is to continue providing World class events such as the Superbikes, then they have to realise that getting in and out of their Motor Park is just as important as putting on a great show!

Richard Ballington, by email