Graham Miller, Edda Lungershausen (both WVCF), Dra Maria Armanda (CCVS) and John Perera.JPG

Quizzing for milk

Rotary Club Estoi Palace International held its fourth charity quiz night on March 30 at Loris Verganista’s Aquarelle Restaurant in Almancil.

The quiz night was held to raise funds to enable the Rotary Club to continue to purchase and deliver an excess of 500 litres of milk per month to underprivileged families in the parish of Estoi, registered with the Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome (Food bank against hunger).

A total of 65 people attended the event and divided up into seven teams to participate in the general knowledge quiz given by quizmaster and Rotarian Shirley Dunne.

The money raised at the event, from entry fees, raffles, donations and an auction totalled €1,500, which ensures that this Rotary initiative can continue for at least another six months.

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