Quinta dos Vales wins Algarve’s Best Wine title for fourth time

Quinta dos Vales winery in Estômbar is once again basking in glory. It received its fourth gold medal and title of “Best Wine of the Algarve” for its ‘Grace Touriga Nacional 2011’ at the 8th Algarvean Wine Competition at Fatacil in Lagoa.

The winning wine was selected by an accomplished jury, including Bruno Antunes – who has won many ‘Sommelier of the Year’ awards – and António Lopes, chief sommelier at Conrad Algarve.

Right after its title was announced, “the rest of the lot was reserved” by a prestigious Swiss wine shop.

“Judging from the reactions of these professionals, it seems that they are ready to embrace this new trend and appreciate the unique wines which are now being produced in the Algarve by us and also our co-producers,” Quinta dos Vales’ delighted owner Karl Heinz Stock told us.

He added that his winery is now “eagerly awaiting” the ‘Grace Touriga Nacional 2013’ after having decided not to produce the wine in 2012.

Meantime, the award-winning vineyard will remain “focused on quality” and continue producing wines “that make a difference”, he guaranteed.

Quinta dos Vales’ ‘Best Wine of the Algarve’ in past years was awarded for its ‘Grace Touriga Nacional 2008’, the ‘Grace Viognier 2012’ and ‘Grace Vineyard red 2009’.