Quinta dos Vales Grace Syrah-Viognier

Quinta dos Vales Grace Syrah-Viognier

The new Summer Red Wine of Quinta dos Vales

Quinta dos Vales is a leading wine estate in Algarve, Southern Portugal, not only for its superb wine but for the estate’s amenities. The property has something to see and do for travellers, couples and families.

From exploring the estate’s vineyards to enjoying its swimming pools, tennis courts and neighbouring Michelin-starred restaurants to making your own wine. Quinta dos Vales is a lovely destination for a romantic weekend getaway or a long holiday.

Amongst the winery’s vinous repertoire, one label, in particular, is turning heads. This year, Grace Syrah-Viognier is the estate’s “Summer Wine”, and the wine is gorgeous. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Syrah & Viognier, A Match Made in Heaven?

Grace Syrah-Viognier takes inspiration from the classic Northern Rhône Blends, where small amounts of the aromatic white grape Viognier soften the region’s structured and rustic wines made with Syrah.

The secret is fermenting the red and white grapes together, creating harmonious wine that still tastes and feels like dry red wine. Still, it has an extraordinary aromatic complexity from one of the most fragrant white varietals in the world.

Not all winemakers venture into experimenting with the notoriously complicated wine style, and not all wine regions have the right terroir for growing these two noble Rhône varietals.

Quinta dos Vales Grace Syrah-Viognier

Grace Syrah – Viognier 2017

At Quinta dos Vales, the team combines 80% of Syrah with 20% Viognier, both hand-picked, destemmed and crushed before co-fermenting slowly in temperature-controlled stainless-steel vats. No expense is spared in ensuring the grapes arrive in pristine condition at the winery.

The careful management of the grapes and wines result in a fruit-forward wine that shows the best of two worlds: Syrah’s bold red fruit and spice aromas and Viognier’s floral and citrusy personality.

This unique wine spends eight months in French oak barrels, where it gains aromatic complexity and texture. The result is simply hard to describe — it’s lovely.


Tasting Notes

Quinta dos Vales Grace Syrah Viognier is a unique, dry red wine that’s both complex and sophisticated while easy to enjoy.

The first nose offers scents of tart cherries and citrus peels, followed by floral notes and hints of white pepper in the background. The palate is fruit-forward with red fruit and spicy richness, leading to a floral aftertaste.

As the wine opens in the glass, it reveals the most exciting scents of smoke and unsweetened cacao powder, and violet scents become more apparent as one swirls the glass. Grace Syrah-Viognier will swoon even the best-trained palate with a medium alcoholic warmth, attractive acidity, and persistent but round tannins.

Quinta dos Vales Grace Syrah-Viognier

International Acclaim

The combination of Syrah-Viognier might not be the most common wine style in Portugal. In fact, few producers dare to experiment with the classic Rhône Valley blend. Still, Quinta dos Vales has found success, and the world is taking note.

Grace Syrah-Viognier has participated in two international wine competitions so far in Germany and Portugal. The estate’s winemaking team returned with gold medals on both occasions.

High scores and recognition will continue to reward the classic wine style, now championed in sunny Algarve, with extraordinary results. Innovation is part of Quinta dos Vales’ success, which results in world-class wine.

Quinta dos Vales Grace Syrah-Viognier

Storage and Serving

Grace Syrah-Viognier is a spectacular wine with nuanced aromas and a bold, well-structured palate. This wine can age, but it’s also ready to be enjoyed. Either way, store your bottles in a cool, dark place away from heat sources and vibration.

If meant to be enjoyed within a few days or weeks, keep the wine at a temperature between 10°C and 16°C. If meant to be enjoyed down the line, a stable 10°C temperature is ideal — typical in wine cellars and temperature-controlled wine cabinets.

Robust red wines with aromatic complexity, such as Quinta dos Vales Grace Syrah-Viognier, are best enjoyed and served at 16°C on a large crystal wine glass. Serve a bit colder if meant to be enjoyed outdoors, or closer to 16°C if served during dinner.


Food Pairings

Quinta dos Vales Grace Syrah-Viognier is bold and expressive but pleasantly fragrant. The duality that comes from blending two of the noblest red and white varieties gives the wine versatility on the table.

Enjoy with grilled red meat, from fatty beef cuts to grilled lamb and roasted goat. This spicy wine is also a lovely partner for robust vegetarian dishes, including roasted eggplants and grilled vegetables.

Enjoy at casual backyard grilling parties or formal long-tablecloth settings. Portuguese wine is one of the most compatible with food, thanks to the unbeatable terroir and the hands of the country’s talented winemakers.

Quinta dos Vales Grace Syrah-Viognier

Try Quinta dos Vales Wines

Quinta dos Vales is more than a leading wine estate in Algarve, the sunniest region in Portugal — it’s also the ultimate getaway destination for couples, foodies and wine lovers.

From making your own wine to enjoying the property’s swimming pools, gardens and tennis courts. From walking the estate to running the neighbouring golf courses. Quinta dos Vales is an experience.

Of course, you’re here for the wine, and in that aspect, the Portuguese winery never disappoints. Grace Syrah-Viognier is just the beginning. There’s a bottle of wine for every palate and occasion in Quinta dos Vale’s cellar.