Quinta dos Vales’ Finest Wines for Christmas Festivities and Traditional Portuguese Christmas Delights

Quinta dos Vales’ Finest Wines for Christmas Festivities and Traditional Portuguese Christmas Delights

Quinta  dos  Vales, a prestigious winery located in the picturesque Algarve region of Portugal, offers an exceptional selection of wines to elevate your Christmas festivities. Alongside these exquisite wines, let’s explore some traditional Portuguese Christmas dishes that will add a touch of authenticity and culinary delight to your holiday table.


Quinta dos Vales’ Best Wines for Christmas Festivities

  1. a) Dialog Verdelho: This crisp and aromatic white wine is a fantastic choice to kickstart your Christmas With its citrus notes and refreshing acidity, it pairs splendidly with appetizers, seafood dishes, and lighter fare. It complements the freshness of shrimp  cocktails, oysters, and smoked salmon, bringing out the delicate flavours of these beloved  holiday favourites.


  1. b) Grace Vineyard  Red: For those seeking a bold and expressive red wine, the Grace Vineyard Red from Quinta dos Vales is an excellent With its full-bodied nature, ripe dark fruit flavours, and hints of spice, it pairs beautifully with roasted meats, hearty stews, and flavorful cheeses. This wine enhances the richness of dishes like roasted beef tenderloin, braised lamb shanks, or even a cheese platter featuring aged Portuguese cheeses.


  1. c) Marquês  dos  Vales  Touriga  Nacional  Licoroso: Indulge in the sweetness of the season with this delightful  This luscious and aromatic fortified dessert wine boasts notes of raisins and dried figs, making it a perfect pairing with desserts and sweet treats. Enjoy it alongside traditional Christmas desserts such as Bolo Rei (King Cake), Rabanadas (Portuguese-style French Toast), or Pudim Flan (Caramel Flan) for a truly indulgent experience.



Traditional Portuguese Christmas Dishes


  1. a) Bacalhau com Todos (Codfish with All): Bacalhau, or salted cod, holds a special place in Portuguese Christmas traditions. Bacalhau com Todos is a beloved dish where codfish is prepared with boiled potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and The flavours are beautifully balanced, and this hearty dish pairs exceptionally well with the Dialog Verdelho. The wine’s crisp acidity cuts through the richness of the cod, enhancing the overall experience.


  1. b) Peru Assado (Roast Turkey): Roast turkey is a staple in many Christmas feasts, and Portuguese cuisine offers its own take on this classic dish. The turkey is often marinated in a mixture of garlic, herbs, and wine, and then roasted to perfection. Pairing this succulent dish with the Grace Vineyard Red creates a delightful The wine’s bold flavours and robust tannins complement the richness of the turkey, elevating every bite.


  1. c) Sonhos (Dreams): Sonhos, meaning “dreams” in Portuguese, are fluffy, deep-fried doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar. These delightful treats are a popular Christmas dessert in Portugal, reminiscent of festive Pair Sonhos with a glass of Marquês dos Vales Touriga Nacional Licoroso to create a heavenly combination. The wine’s sweetness and aromatic notes enhance the warm, doughy goodness of the Sonhos, leaving you longing for more.


  1. d) Aletria (Portuguese Christmas Sweet Pasta): Aletria is a unique and delightful Portuguese Christmas dessert. It is made by cooking fine pasta, typically vermicelli, with milk, sugar, and flavours such as lemon zest and cinnamon. The result is a creamy and aromatic dessert that captures the essence of the Marquês dos Vales Touriga Nacional Licoroso will complement the flavours of Aletria beautifully, with its sweet and aromatic profile creating a harmonious pairing.



Quinta dos Vales’ finest wines provide the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas festivities, enhancing the flavours and creating memorable moments with family and friends.

The Verdelho, Grace Vineyard Red, and Touriga Nacional Licoroso offer distinct characteristics that pair exquisitely with a variety of dishes, from appetizers to main courses and desserts. To fully embrace the Portuguese Christmas spirit, incorporate traditional dishes such as Bacalhau com Todos, Peru Assado, Sonhos, and Aletria into your holiday table. These authentic flavours will transport you to the heart of Portugal’s Christmas traditions, complemented by the  exceptional wines from  Quinta

 dos  Vales. With this perfect combination of wines and dishes, your Christmas celebrations will be filled with warmth, joy, and culinary delight.

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