Quinta do Vallado Moscatel Galego

By PATRICK STUART [email protected]

With the summer finally seeming to have arrived last weekend (although not for long according to the weather forecast) thoughts turn to summer wines.

When looking for whites, the obvious choice here in Portugal is a spritzy vinho verde, but this wine from Quinta do Vallado is an interesting alternative.

This is one of just a few Portuguese table wines made from the moscatel (muscat) grape, most often used here for the fortified Moscatel produced predominantly on the Setúbal peninsula.

But here, made with grapes from a 30-year-old vineyard in the cooler clime of the Douro, we have a surprisingly dry wine with an exotic nose of fresh flowers that is delicate and light in the mouth with a clean and refreshing finish.

This is a very easy drinking wine, a bit too much so perhaps considering the deceivingly high 13% alcohol content.

It’s a perfect aperitif and food wise works particularly well with simple seafood dishes.

I enjoyed a few glasses with some oysters and perceves (barnacles) at the weekend and found it to be an excellent match.

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