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Quinta do Lago to host The Campus Carby VW Ladies Open

Event is described as “most prestigious international women’s tournament” ever held in Algarve

The Algarve is preparing to host its “most prestigious international women’s tennis tournament ever”.

The  ITF W40 Campus Carby VW Ladies Open will be held at The Campus in Quinta do Lago from October 7 to 15 and is promising to attract several top 200 players and the best Portuguese players.

One year after entering the International Tennis Federation (ITF) calendar as a $25,000 event, organisers have increased the total prize money to $40,000 in 2023.

Consequently, the new champion will earn 70 WTA ranking points, compared to the 50 awarded in the inaugural edition.

The Campus Quinta do Lago

The Campus Carby VW Ladies Open will be the first of three consecutive international women’s tournaments to be held in the Algarve.

“It not only stands as the most significant in this series but also represents the most prestigious women’s tennis event ever staged in this region of Portugal, which had previously only hosted tournaments up to the $25,000 category,” organisers say.

“Even when considering all international tournaments, both men’s and women’s, ever held in the Algarve, The Campus Carby VW Ladies Open 2023 remains one of the most important, only surpassed in terms of points and prize money by two men’s Challenger tournaments that took place in Vilamoura in the late 1980s,” they add.