Quinta do Lago on internet TV channel for millionaires.jpg

Quinta do Lago on internet TV channel for millionaires

LUXURY ALGARVE resort, Quinta do Lago, has been selected as one of the locations for a new internet television channel dedicated exclusively to the world of luxury.

The channel is going to broadcast programmes, featuring visits to exclusive mansions for sale around the world, dedicated to those who seek out the very best life has to offer. In addition to visiting Quinta da Lago, the team will travel to destinations such as Costa Azul in Spain, Dubai and New York.

Theresa Bernabé, a specialist in world real estate, created the channel in Marbella and her agency has over 3,000 luxury properties up for sale. Bernabé describes the project as “unique in the world, as each programme offers an insight into the world of millionaires”. It is the first internet television programme created in Europe and Asia. Initially, the project was planned with the objective of showing potential clients a series of properties on sale in the ‘four million euros club’, the minimum value of properties taken on by Bernabé. The project then spiralled and ended up being transformed into a luxury television channel: “We portray an exclusive world that, until now, was reserved for grand fortunes” stated Theresa, whose clients are mainly English, Arab and Spanish.

According to the director of the channel, the programmes are aimed at people with an elevated economic status, however Bernabé insists that the broadcasts are ‘open and easily accessible to all who have interest and wish to experience the world of millionaires’. The reports shown on www.theresabernabe.tv are produced in English with Spanish subtitles, and broadcast weekly.

Theresa Bernabé still works actively in Portugal, maintaining connections around the country. Her agency is currently marketing a five-star hotel situated in Mogadouro, one of the best areas in the country, costing 1.9 million euros.