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Quinta do Lago group contests parking charges

Businesses and residents of Buganvília Plaza and Quinta Shopping have met with Loulé Mayor Seruca Emídio to discuss concerns caused by the newly enforced parking charges.

The meeting at the mayor’s office included representation from Global Loulé, who were commissioned by the council to manage the paid parking facility.

Richard Paxton, who was part of the owners’ representation, told the Algarve Resident:

“We asked if they had made any money from the new system and they replied that they were breaking even.”

Seruca Emídio said Quinta Shopping and Buganvília Plaza would have to start charging for parking like town centres already do.

When invited to see the situation first-hand, he agreed to look at the problem “when he had more time”.

Shop owners claim customers are being driven away from the popular shopping area because of the recently-introduced parking charges.

The charges have been in place since mid-October.