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Quinta da Rocha fined for illegal fencing

The owners of Quinta da Rocha have been notified by the Ministry of the Environment that they will be fined if they do not remove the fencing that has been illegally erected around the property in the Ria de Alvor estuary.

Following a denouncement from the Bloco Esquerda party that the owners of the Quinta had blocked public accesses to the property, an inspection was carried out by the regional development commission (CCDR) in November, which led to the notification for the compulsory removal of the fencing.

According to a spokesman fro the Ministry of the Environment “the fences are in the hydric domain, at the limit of a property that is in the public hydric domain”.

The spokesman added that illegal situations that are detected are always notified, leading to the compulsory removal by the person who committed the illegality, as well as fines.

In December 2007, the owner of Quinta da Rocha, Aprígio dos Santos, was accused of disrespecting environmental legislation, following an embargo from the CCDR to stop cleaning operations at the property that were destroying the natural habitat of indigenous species (see December 7, 2007 of the Algarve Resident).

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