Quest for Youtube glory prompts further animal outrage

The latest fad for glory on Youtube – the online service which seems to allow almost anyone to upload anything – has seen yet another “outrage against animals in Portugal”.

Following on from last month’s ‘disgrace’ involving a docile pit-bull being filmed as he was thrown by his owner from a bridge (click here), we now have a 19-year-old going by the name of Gonçalo Carter taunting Youtubers with a new video in which he appears to be hitting a young puppy, before he hangs it by the scruff of its neck from an open high-storey window.

Carter is not new to Youtube revile.

He recently uploaded a clip of himself kicking a pigeon, apparently to death.

He has since exclaimed the bird was dead anyway.

But the fact is that Carter (if that really is his name) is making a name for himself, for all the wrong reasons.

There are currently two petitions out, calling for justice for his dog: and for justice for all animals who may find themselves unfortunate enough to cross paths with him:

Both petitions have received many thousands of signatures, while GNR police are reported to be under orders to “Get Carter” and find out what truly is happening.

The youngster has told newspapers that he “really likes animals” and is worried by the death threats that he has started receiving.

The video that has caused so much upset can be seen here:

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