Festa das chouriças - Querença

Querença’s popular smoked sausage festival is back!

Town pays tribute to patron saint with its best smoked sausages

It’s almost time for the return of ‘Festa das Chouriças’, Querença’s famous smoked sausage festival which is held every year in honour of São Luís, the local patron saint of animals.

Bringing religion and gastronomy into an original event, the ‘Festa das Chouriças’ will begin at 9pm on Saturday, January 20 with a Fado Night at Casa do Povo de Querença, featuring performances by Fado singers Sara Paixão and César Matoso.


Festa das chouriças - Querença (2)

The festivities will continue starting at 11am on Sunday, January 21, when several restaurants, eateries and establishments throughout the village will be selling and cooking the famous smoked sausages that the event is named after.

There will also be a handicraft and local product fair running from 10am and 6pm as well as street entertainment between 11am and 2pm provided by Alfanfare and Grupo de Charolas das Barreiras Brancas, and a performance by Pirolita The Clown at 5pm.

The religious celebrations will begin at 2.30pm with a Solemn Mass, followed by a procession in which the image of São Luís will be carried throughout the village, accompanied by the music of the Philharmonic Band Artistas de Minerva.


Festa das chouriças - Querença (2)

Another highlight promises to be the traditional ‘chouriça auction’, which will take place at 4pm and allow visitors to present bids for the “queen of the festival, the chouriça”.

Last but not least, a ‘baile’ (dance) will be held at 7pm at the Casa do Povo de Querença.

Besides providing a fun weekend for visitors, the event also aims to preserve the traditions of a time when local families would ask São Luis (Saint Louis) to protect their pigs and other livestock so that they would have enough food to eat for the whole year. As a show of gratitude, families would offer their best homemade sausages.