Quercus strips D. Ana of “gold” flag

Environmental organisation Quercus has officially stripped Lagos’ Dona Ana beach of its “gold quality” flag over its controversial sand replenishment project.

The threat had already been made earlier this month and was made official on Wednesday (July 29).

Quercus says the €1.8 million project promoted by the government “significantly altered the beach’s natural landscape” and “jeopardised the conservation of highly diversified marine ecosystems”.

The organisation also criticises the fact that the initiative moved forward without an environmental impact study (AIA).

On the other hand, environmental authorities continue to defend the initiative was designed to keep beachgoers “safe” from overhanging unstable cliffs and was agreed upon before such initiatives were in need of an AIA.

Quercus says, however, that “security isn’t achieved through the destruction of beach’s beauty”.

Speaking to TSF radio earlier this month, Quercus president João Branco called the situation a “clear example” of authorities “turning a beach known for its natural beauty into something totally artificial”.