Quarteira tourism office closed for 11 days over “death threat and security issues”

A death threat and a number of “security issues” saw Quarteira’s tourism office closed for 11 days, the Resident has confirmed.

Although the office reopened on Monday (June 8), it is now being permanently guarded by two GNR police officers.

It all started when an employee received a death threat from an English tourist.

“I’m going to get a gun and shoot you!” the Englishman yelled at the stunned female worker, a source who has asked not to be named told us.

The RTA shut the office down shortly after the incident last week, advising people to visit Loulé’s office instead.

Contacted by the Resident, RTA vice-president João Fernandes said only that the death threat was an “isolated case” and that the office is once again open.

But there are other security issues dogging the office, we were told.

Praça do Mar – the square where it is located – has become a “hotspot” for “drug addicts and alcoholics”.

Our source claimed this is due to a nearby store selling beer “at very low prices”.

“The problem is that these people start screaming, breaking things and they simply put people off coming to the office. The whole atmosphere ends up frightening employees,” she said.

In order to ensure the safety of workers and indeed holidaymakers visiting the office, two GNR police officers are now permanently patrolling the area.

Meantime, José Palhau from GNR’s district command has confirmed that more police have been deployed to Quarteira as part of the ‘Operação Verão Seguro’ summer programme.

Since then, Praça do Mar has been described as being “calmer”.

By Michael Bruxo and Sara Alves

Photo: Two GNR officers are now permanently patrolling the Praça do Mar, where the tourism office is located