Quarteira hosts Octopus Week

Quarteira will be the place to be for lovers of octopus dishes as the coastal town prepares to host the ‘Semana do Polvo’ (Octopus Week) between this Saturday (September 30) and October 8.

Nearly 30 eateries will be preparing their own special dish for the event, including favourites like ‘Arroz de Polvo’ (octopus rice), ‘Polvo à Lagareiro’ (Lagareiro-style octopus) and ‘Cataplana de Polvo’ (a delicious stew cooked in a clam-shaped pot).

A menu, also including dessert and an espresso coffee, costs around €15.

There will also be an octopus recipe competition, as well as several workshops and ‘showcooking’ events.

Participating restaurants are:

Quarteira: Marisqueira Sol e Mar; Marisqueira Água Salgada; A Cabana; Alphonso’s Restaurante; Cá da Terra; Dallas; Fernando’s Hideaway; Frutos do Mar; La Cabame; O Marcoense; Miróbriga; O Búzio; Taberna O Gaveto; Pic-nic; Rosa Branca; Street Kitchen; Taberna do Peixe; Sandomania; Food Lovers Restaurante Grill Bistro; Café-Restaurante Girassol; Os Golfinhos; Thai Beach

Vilamoura Marina: Luna Rossa; Thai Marina; Uniko

Vilamoura: Don Alfonso Restaurante Bar; Ostra D’Ouro; Thai; Salmore Live Kitchen & Cocktail Bar

More information about the event can be found online at www.aeqv.pt