Quarries concern residents

Dear Editor,

We live near the Peral quarry, situated on the Peral/Moncarapacho/São Brás road.

The quarry has been operating illegally.

The rapid expansion is also being carried out illegally. They have bulldozed through, making tracks, taking down many trees and rare plants all of which is on protected land.

This also was done illegally.

We have photos of the dust which is created during their working hours, which as you can imagine means we are now living amongst this which cannot be good for our health.

The quarries response to our objecting to the dust, noise of the machinery, continuous “bleeping” noises again, from the machines, and countless regular blastings, was that they would plant trees on the boundary of the tracks, use water sprinklers during the crushing process each working day to alleviate the problem of dust. Has this been carried out? No.

The blastings are being felt at over 500metres away. The more recent ones felt like an earthquake, which our plumber who was working inside our house at the time, was alarmed and thought we were experiencing an earthquake. Our neighbour also experienced the same – whilst he was eating his lunch, the table shook!!

We have had several meetings with the Mayor of Sao Bras, and our Lawyer.We are still waiting (after almost two years) to hear the outcome.

Jeffery and Christine Legg

São Brás de Alportel