Quanta Terra Phenomena rosé wine

Quanta Terra Phenomena rosé wine

Not quite phenomenal but very good

This is premium rosé, currently priced at just under €28 in Apolónia, but last weekend it was on special promotion with a 30% discount, so I decided to give it a try.

This is a rosé made from Pinot Noir up in the Douro, from a producer with quite some pedigree that makes a whole range of top-quality wines under the Quanta Terra label.

Strangely though, I could not find this wine on the producer’s website and there is very little other information elsewhere online. However, I was curious to find why they have named the Phenomena so. At the discounted price, I decided to take a bottle home.

The wine presents a slightly rusty pale pink colour and there are bundles of unusual aromas on the nose. I got some hints of rosewater but also some spiciness, so I came guessing that there has been a little barrel work here. But in the mouth, there is not a hint of oak and enormous freshness is well-balanced with good acidity. This is a high quality and totally different rosé.

By Patrick Stuart
[email protected]