Quality Paints for all your paint requirements

Quality Paints in Lagos is still going strong after 24 years. If you’re looking for one-stop-shopping for all your quality paint requirements complete with a full range of accessories, then the place is Quality Paints. With 10 tons of stock, there’s none of this “amanhã” business!

To give just a few examples: for exterior masonry you have a choice of ICI Dulux Weathershield Smooth, or Sandtex Smooth High Cover, or Sandtex X-Treme X-Posure, all with a 15-year longevity – and the paint films do last 15 years. For exterior wood, you have Ronseal 5yr Woodstain. For interiors, there is ICI Dulux MATT, also Macpherson DURABLE MATT, 20 times more washable than normal MATT.

All brands are instantly available in 100% of their full colour ranges.

Why not pay Tim and Denise a visit to see the full range for yourself? Or if Lagos is a bit far for you, why not make use of Tim’s free delivery service throughout the whole Algarve every Friday? Just email by 12 noon each Thursday.

By the way, whilst Quality Paints is still going strong, unfortunately the same can’t be said for Tim and Denise. Old age is taking its toll at 77 and 75, but, rather than just shutting the doors, Tim and Denise would much prefer continuity with somebody else picking up the baton and so are open to offers.

(+351) 282 789 812
(+351) 919 867 917
[email protected]

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