Quality of life to improve

Work in Poço dos Peixes in Azinhal, Castro Marim, will see around 40 houses in the area gaining access to a mains sewerage system.

The local câmara has dedicated 450,000 euros to the works, which have already begun and are set to continue for a further eight months.

For more than 30 years, the residents in Poço dos Peixes no Azinhal have not had access to mains sewerage, which has “influenced the quality of life of all those who live in the area” according to a spokesman from the Castro Marim Câmara.

Once the sewerage developments have been completed, work will then begin to replace the pavements, upgrade the water supply, build a storm drainage system and also lay underground cables for telecommunications, electricity and gas.

Meanwhile, the construction of a new roundabout and urban redevelopment near the Almada D’Ouro and Quinta da Choça’s tourist developments have been planned to begin “very soon” according to the Castro Marim Câmara spokesman.