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Quality of life for VRSA residents

By ELOÏSE WALTON eloise.walton@algarveresident.com

Improving quality of life for residents of VRSA is the fundamental objective of PSD party candidate Luís Gomes in his 2009 local election campaign.

He and his team are looking to achieve this by focusing on a number of key areas such as education, with the construction of new schools, crèches and a training centre as well as maintenance of existing facilities. 

He is also looking to build new sporting facilities for residents such as increasing cycle paths, renovating the riverside area of VRSA and investing in sewerage systems and drainage.

“We also want to protect the environment and develop projects that will allow the tourism industry to grow, as well as supporting existing businesses and giving incentives for new business ventures to open in our county,” said Luís Gomes.

He added that healthcare is also a primary concern in his political agenda and he is keen to see a new family health centre built in VRSA, among other facilities which include specific programmes to support the elderly.

“Our policies on economy, health, social support and urban renewal are strong and clear, with social areas and municipal services benefitting from new investments,” he said.

With regards to the integration of foreign residents in VRSA council, Luís Gomes said that they are a very specific social group and it is the Câmara’s responsibility to integrate them in everything that involves its citizens.

“This objective has been reached because we see foreign residents integrated in businesses and some even work directly with us,” he said. “The Universidade de Tempos Livres, an activities centre in VRSA, could also be used to integrate foreign residents in future.” But Luís Gomes said that his election campaign does not focus on any particular social group.

“My campaign doesn’t consist of a lot of words or winking to this or that social group. What is more visible than words is the work that has been carried out,” he said, “and those are not restricted to the election propaganda period.”

According to Luís Gomes, his personal relationship with citizens of all nationalities has meant that no one has been left out of Câmara activities.

Please note

The registration period for this year’s local elections has already closed but residents can register again from October 12, after the local elections.

For more information about Luís Gomes, please visit the website, available in Portuguese only, at www.psd-algarve.com

PS party candidate, Jovita Ladeira is also running for VRSA Câmara president. To find out more about her campaign, please visit the website, available in Portuguese only at www.jovitaladeira.com

António Tomás Rodrigues is the candidate for the left-wing party, Bloco de Esquerda (BE) for mayor of VRSA. To learn more about his policies, please visit the website, available in Portuguese only at www.blocoalgarve.org

Also, Ângelo Barão is also running for the position on behalf of the communist party (CDU). To find out more about this party, visit the website, available in English at www.pcp.pt