Quality furniture packages at unbeatable prices

THE FIRST online furniture store has arrived in the Algarve. Furniture-pack.com is the first company based in the region to offer customers the ability to order furniture for their holiday home or new residence via a secure, internet-based store.

The easy-to-use furniture-pack.com internet site sets a new trend for all to follow, as it allows customers to shop from home and to get better service at lower prices than currently on offer to them. Prices even include a full delivery and installation service. A key advantage of furniture-pack.com is that it removes the most expensive part of the process of furnishing a home abroad, namely the travel and logistics.

When you start to calculate the total cost of actually visiting the Algarve to source your own furniture, the figure is usually surprising. Furniture-pack.com estimate that it costs an average of 3,700 euros just in travel related costs and can take up to four weeks, most people’s annual holiday, just to furnish a home abroad.

If you wanted to purchase furniture in the UK and ship it to Portugal personally, you would get no guarantee of the condition in which it would arrive. You would also then have to organise and pay for all delivery and installation of your furniture. By using furniture-pack.com, you will eliminate all these issues.

Directors Andy Eardley and Mike Frayling commented: “It is hard to believe that customers currently spend so much time and effort, and lose so much of their precious holiday time just to get their key items of furniture for their home abroad. We intend to change this situation for our customers with the launch of furniture-pack.com”

There are four main packs from which to choose from: Investor, Bronze, Silver and Gold, all of which are offered in one, two and three bedroom formats. Many items of furniture within the packs are available in a wide choice of colours and options. All packs feature quality UK sourced furniture, including Silentnight™ mattresses. There is also the ability to request a Custom Pack online.

To order a pack, furniture-pack.com only require a deposit of 699 euros (499 pounds sterling) with the balance payable later.

If you want high quality items at great prices, delivered, assembled and arranged in your home, look no further than furniture-pack.com